XC Courses with Ferdinand Vogel

Take your flying skills to the next level

XC Training with Ferdi - Dates 2024:

Price per course 890€ (maximum of 7 pilots)

Included: All transportation, daily meteo briefing, setting tasks for the day, flight planning and tactics, navigation and airspace, flying together with Ferdi (in air coaching), realisation of the flight tasks, evaluation and analysis of the flights

Accommodation is available from 315€ (7 nights).

Please read the requirements and description below.

Ferdinand Vogel


The XC courses are for advanced pilots only, you should

About Ferdinand Vogel

Ferdi is an instructor, SIV trainer, test pilot, competition pilot and an experienced XC trainer.

Some highlights about his career:

What´s on:

No, you probably won´t fly your first 100km on Tenerife - why? It´s an island...

But we can fly almost every day in winter on Tenerife and flying from A to B can be a challenging and instructive experience.

Reading wind and thermals, developing a sense for the right tactics - especially in difficult situations, efficient thermaling, interpreting clouds and the sea correctly, all of this is to be trained and perfected in this course.