You can fly with us and book your own accommodation

We meet here each morning to go flying, the exact time will be set each day before depending on weather.

We usually fly until sunset and will drop you off at the same spot after flying. Some landing zones and bars are also near the parking.

Hotel Fonda Room

Hotel Fonda Central

If you book accommodation with us, it will be in Fonda Central located in the centre of Adeje.

We pick you up each monring at the hotel, the exact time will be set each day before depending on weather conditions.

At around sunset we will take you back to the hotel after flying. A landing zone is also within walking distance.

The following prices are only in a package with guided flying:

Comfort rooms (per night)

45 € single room
65 € double room

56 € single including breakfast
76 € double including breakfast

Premium rooms (per night)

100 € single room (including breakfast)
150 € double room (including breakfast)

Hotel Fonda Patio

All rooms have a private bathroom. There are many bars and restaurant near the hotel.

How to get there

The easiest way to get there from TFS Airport is by taxi, it takes around 25 minutes.

By bus it takes around 50 to 60 minutes, they run every half hour from TFS airport.