About Para42

Why Tenerife?

The island is one of the places with the most flyable days for paragliders in the world. It has a great variety of flying sites, landscapes, climate zones, windward and leeward flying - and not to forget an ocean, the sun, good food and nice people. A paragliding paradise.

We offer...

... highly professional guided flying in winter season on Tenerife, every day from October to March - for intermediate to advanced paragliding pilots. Our service includes all transport, meteo, site and XC briefings. 

We want to make your trip as enjoyable and safe as possible - we also want you to be at the right place at the right time to get the best out of every day.

Usually we meet around 10 in the morning and fly until sunset - all around the island depending on the meteo conditions.

Our daily rate per pilot is from 65€, we also offer an optional package with accomodation with a landing zone nearby, from 45€ per night.

Para42 - The story short

Para42 was founded in 2008 by Henry and Simonetta. Over the years, a great community of pilots from all over Europe and the world has formed who appreciate the good flying conditions on Tenerife in winter and share their experiences.

In 2023 Martin was offered to continue with Para42 and didn't have to think about it for long...

Martin has been working for years as a professional tandem pilot, guide and paragliding instructor - he is passionate about offering the best possible guiding on Tenerife.

So the story goes on with fantastic flying in winter season on Tenerife - still, Para42 is flying every day from October to March, offering a highliy professional and passionate guiding for visiting pilots. A fantastic new team allows also to extend the service to in-air coaching and intructional tandem flights. Stay tuned there is a lot coming up 2024/2025!